Special Topics

1.  Special Topic "Sensor and Measuring Technology in the Industrial Internet"

At the special forum "Sensor and Measuring Technology in the Industrial Internet" in hall 5, stand 5-106, you can get a targeted and concentrated survey about new products and solutions.

Following companies look forward to welcome you: 

• all4cloud GmbH & Co. KG
• arfidex GmbH
• Ascenix Corp.
• BiSS Association e.V.
• Dimetix AG
• ElastiSense ApS
• endiio GmbH
• Hohner Elektrotechnik GmbH
• Hydrogen Sense Technology Co., Ltd.
• LEAP Technology ApS
• Ondics GmbH
• Schildknecht AG
• siasys GmbH i.G.
• SIC! Software GmbH
• Spectrolytic GmbH
• Trout GmbH
• Welotec GmbH

A guided tour to further exhibitors with appropriate products and services as well as a special session on the lecture forum in hall 5 will complete this offer.

On 26 June 2018 the lecture forum in hall 5 will be mostly dedicated to the "Sensor and Measuring Technology in the Industrial Internet" motto.

The Program

♦ Presentation will be in English

BiSS Line: die offene, performante Schnittstelle für Industrie 4.0
Marko Hepp, Geschäftsführer, BiSS Association e.V., Bodenheim (Germany), Stand  5-106/6

Industrial IoT: Vernetzte Datenlogger ebnen den Weg in die digitale Welt
Kai Gilbert, imc Test & Measurement GmbH, Friedrichsdorf (Germany), Stand 1-310 + 1-561

Architekturen und Strategien der Datenspeicherung für Industrie 4.0
Kathrin Huber, Field Marketing Engineer, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Germany GmbH, München (Germany), Stand 1-404

Funktionale Maßschneiderung von Magneto-Widerstandssensoren (GMR/TMR)
mittels Beschichtung im schrägen Einfall
Dr. Kai Schlage, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany), Stand 1-550

 Sensors as a key aspect for a long-term Medical IoT architecture
Nikolas Valantassis-Kanellos, Business Development Manager, ESS European Sensor Systems S.A., Filothei-Psychiko (Greece), Stand 1-157

Wie man erfolgreich seine eigene IoT-Plattform in der Cloud aufsetzt –
ein Erfahrungsbericht
Bernd Potyka, Sales Management, SIC! Software GmbH, Heilbronn (Germany), Stand 5-106/19

Sensornetzwerke im Industrial Internet –
Wie kommen die Daten von Sensoren in die Cloud?
Elena Eberhardt, Business Development Manager, Schildknecht AG, Murr (Germany), Stand 5-106/10 - 13

Explaining the Ecosystem of IIot Applications
Kathrin Huber, Field Marketing Engineer, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Germany GmbH, München (Germany), Stand 1-404

2.  Special Stand "Vision Sensors and Systems"

Image processing requires sensors and systems, which are presented at the SENSOR+TEST.

To point out their significance, a special stand dedicated to "Vision Sensors and Systems" will once again be part of the SENSOR+TEST 2018. On stand 5-436 companies and institutions will showcase their innovative products and solutions.

3. ettc2018 European Test and Telemetry Conference

The ettc2018 is the most important international platform for telemetry, test-instrumentation, telecontrol, and data processing and will be organized in cooperation with the SENSOR+TEST for the third time.

Enterprises and institutes will present their innovative products, services and a plethora of solutions in hall 2. Following an overview:

• Acroamatics Inc.
• Ampex Data Systems
• ATCOM Telemetrie
• CAEMAX Technologie GmbH
• Calculex Inc.
• Curtiss-Wright Avionics & Electronics
• Delta Digital Video
• Emhiser Research Inc.
• etep
• FT Technologies (UK) Ltd.
• Galleon Embedded Computing GmbH
• GDP Space Systems
• Haigh-Farr Inc.
• imc Meßsysteme GmbH
• imc Test & Measurement GmbH
• imcADD AG
• IPtec Inc.
• JDA Systems
• KAPPA optronics GmbH
• KMT Kraus Messtechnik GmbH
• L3 Telemetry & RF Products
• Lange-Electronic GmbH
• Microwave Innovations, Inc.
• NEXEYA France
• OnTime Networks AS
• Smartronix Inc.
• Southwest Research Institute
• STT- SystemTechnik GmbH
Tel Data System GmbH
• Telspan Data LLC
• TUALCOM Communication & RF Technologies
• tukom GmbH
• United Electronic Industries GmbH
• Wideband Systems Inc.
• WTW Anlagenbau GmbH - Antenna Systems
• ZODIAC Data Systems GmbH